We help busy families organise their lives.

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Family Hub

We've designed a way for families to organise their lives with Notion and we call it the Family Hub.

You create, access and edit all your information through easy to use dashboards that can be customised to your needs.

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With the Family Hub in place you can expand your Notion workspace to include all kinds of powerful tools. Build them yourself or download and integrate Templates


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Latest News

My Neurodivergent Brain Observations - Jan 2023

There has been lots of talk of Neurodiversity in my community / Family. A few people are trying to track their observations, so I designed a little template. Great to share with doctors. Great to track medication side effects, sleep diary etc! Lots about OCD in their too! Check it out.

Store Tracker - April 2022

A cute little way to track the stores you love, their return policy, opening hours, Loyalty Cards and gift cards. Everything you have bough and those on your wish list too! Keep track of Sales and when they end. Even rate your sales attendants! Handy little template for shoppers! Check it out.

Dietary Pack - Oct 2021

This has been a long time coming. We wanted to offer people an all in one tracking option. As a family of six we have tracked bowels, foods, allergies, fluid intake, done huge food trials, 24 hour urine collections, we've done it all! This amazing pack does all the calculation for you, allows you to view it easily and share it with doctors. And best of all you always keep a history of past events in one place. Check it out.

Obsidian Life OS v 1.0 - Aug 2021

We found this pretty cool productivity template that covers both personal & work life. Deepak tells us "Life is full of options and noise. By applying the best systems, you can focus on what truly add value to your life." Check it out. Over 30 databases.


Join the community organising their busy families with Notion.


Meal Planning - for families - June 2021

Our family meal planner is now out. Great for those of us who don't need anything too complex when planning out meals. Personally I rotate our menu over two weeks and this is a easy way to move meals around, add food to shopping lists. Check it out.

Cleaning Hub - May 2021

The latest template is all about cleaning your house or garage and tracking your kids chores! Thanks to Josh a fan who suggest we add one. It allows you to track seasonal jobs, chores and clean room by room. Check it out.

Previous News...

Family Hub (Full Version) - April 2021

Due to popular demand we have created the full version of the Family Hub, that combines 30 databases and just as many dashboards to help set up your Notion workspace right! Eight core databases link it all together. We cover areas such as Finance, Garden, House, Vehicles, Meals, Clothes, Groceries, Medical, Sickness, Pets and many more family related databases. Check it out.

Food Trial - March 2021

This has been a great little template for tracking "Trial" food that is introduced into a safe food list. This template is part of a larger Dietitian Portal that I am designing. Allows you to keep track of all foods, reactions and bowel motions. For some its just in time and for others its a bit late. Sorry!! Check it out.

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We help busy families organise their lives

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